When I Do My Dance With Nelly drummed – Rehearsal Vs Verses

when i do my dance money fight

When I Do My Dance With Nelly drummed – Rehearsal Vs Verses

When I do my Dance Money Fight I get all types of mixed messages. Some people say the music is hot and that is why they are dancing. Some people say the music is not cool enough that you should be dancing to it. Some other people have no idea what I am talking about. So how can a simple video game beat the best and most popular music being played around the world today?

When I did my dance up in the mountains with the rest of my mountain crew, the leader said to me, “Dude you are doing too much man. Get down to the city and throw your money like a yokel.” To which I answered, “Nah man, I am doing it like a freak.” This little back and forth exchange went on for a while until finally the leader said, “alright let us go buy some dough.”

Two weeks later, the big day arrived and I was excited and nervous at the same time because I had been told that this song would be a huge hit. I was pumped when the doors opened to the gym and my girl was standing there with her beautiful body in one piece, then I quickly followed suit. I quickly got into the ring and began doing my little dance like a freak, before I knew it I was being interviewed by the national news crew.

The next day I was interviewed on the radio and was asked questions such as, “What was your favorite moment on the album when you were doing your twerkulator impression?” to which I answered, “I really can’t remember but when I think back I just kind of walked up to the mic and started doing my own thing.” Then I was asked, “When was the last time you’ve performed anywhere else?” to which I promptly responded, “Not yet!”

That’s when I decided it was time to teach everyone how to do the twerkulator (a c-i-t-y, kick, rhymes), so my first song for the class was, “Do My Body Move” by Fatboy Slim. The song is about the female anatomy and being able to do some sexy moves, so when I was performing, I made sure to twerk my hips in sync with my music, which is when I learned a lot about muscle contractions. Once I was able to properly twirl, I was able to move into the next verse with confidence. And that is when I first learned “When I Do My Dance.”

That song starts off with the lyrics, “So you think you can throwin paper or just swing it? Well, I think I can throwin paper or just swing it.” Then I did my research on the mechanics of swinging a paper can and found out that the swing is made by pulling the bottom half of the can horizontally while twisting the top half to face up. So that is when I began to research how to do the twerkulator (I like to call it a “twerk”)

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