When I Do My Dance, Monkey Fight

When I Do My Dance Monkey Fight is the second film in a row that star Matt Damon. The previous film, the entertaining but somewhat generic Finding Nemo, was also directed by this director. This movie is directed by Brad Pitt and his casting is headed by none other than Anne Hathaway. The story follows the life of an amateur fighter named Marlon Brando, who gets a chance to fight in the South Pacific. Eventually, he ends up winning the fight and it was then that the movie began to gain some popularity.

when i do my dance monkey fight

One interesting fact about the film is that it deals with monkey fighting and its rather brutal nature. It shows us some of the physical violence that monkeys (and humans) can display when they are fighting for their lives. The majority of the fights you see take place onscreen are either between humans or between monkeys, but there are a few that take place between dogs as well.

It’s interesting to note that the bulk of the film takes place in an African village. In the foreground we see the fighters preparing for the fight and in the background Brando’s character is seen practicing his monologue. One interesting thing about the role of Marlon Brando in the context of a film about fighting is that he seems to be almost addicted to doing the fighting scenes. The reason for this is that the character is so physically gifted that he does not need to physically prove himself to be victorious. We see this when he is first given the monkey that he plans to use in the fight, and when he finally does win the fight he is covered with a bloody cape as a sign that he has just won.

One of the funniest things that occurs in the film is when Marlon Brando cuts a tree branch after he lands from a plane on it. His cut causes a small Indian Locust to come out and attack him. When the Locust hits him with its sting he dodges the stings but gets bit by the branch of the Locust. This leads to Brando losing blood and then having to duck into a room to hide until he recovers. He then proceeds to pierce the head of the Locust with his staff, stunning it enough for him to flee into the jungle where he is joined by monkey warrior Tippi. The two warriors continue their exciting and daring battle through the jungle until they reach a clearing where they are attacked by…the flamingo.

The burningo is obviously nocturnal, which makes sense since he is after Monkey. When the two fight he tries to eat Tippi, but she easily shoves him off. After this he goes after Monkey, who easily dodges the flamingo’s attacks, causing him to trip and fall into a crevasse. Fortunately, for the monkey he lands on a log, and when he climbs out of the hole the flamingo attacks him once again. Eventually the two run out of time before the burningo catches up with them and chases after them with his fire-breathing monkeys.

The movie has excellent special effects, using close up shots of Monkey fighting, along with plenty of jump scares. The music is catchy and energetic too, fitting well with the action. The fighting scenes are very thrilling, and many viewers have found it quite scary. Don’t miss this one!

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