What You Can Expect From a Day of Latin American Salsa Dancing

24 Seven Dance Arts is a professional dance company that specializes in Latin, Caribbean, fusion, street and ballroom dance styles. It was founded by dancer/writer/performer Francia Raiza. The company performed their first original salsa in 1996 at a fundraiser for a local children’s hospital. Since that time, the company has grown to include choreographers from all over the world and gained popularity in both the music industry and the dancing community. 24 Seven’s salsa popularity continues to grow with each new release.

24 seven dance

This performance by the talented dancers at the conclusion of day two of the six-week Latin America and Caribbean Swing Dance Festival held in Cancun, Mexico City, was well received by audience members and spectators. The closing show took place on day three of the event. The dancers performed an outstanding salsa routine, which was highlighted by the use of exotic acrobatic moves and smooth jazz footwork. They ended the night with a spectacular grand finale as the band opened the encore with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Other dance workshops included dances from the Caribbean and Latin America such as folk dances, hip-hop, ballet, flamenco, contemporary dance movements, contemporary Rumba, rockabilly, pop, polka, and many others. Many artists were invited to participate in the event as well. Some were familiar faces, while others had never even set foot on an arena. These included names like Rufusick Pickford, Ruben Studdard, Leona Lewis, Jose Montoya, Yusef Islam, Gloria Estefan, Miguel San Lopez and Hector Elizondo.

In addition to the above mentioned names, some other notable dancers from both Latin America were: Mario Bellido, Ruben Studdard, Yusef Islam, Carlos Santana, Don Murphy, Carlos Roa, Alfredo Diaz de Leon and many others. It should be noted that this was just an all inclusive event. The ladies were not excluded from any of the dance lessons. However, the menfolk were not excluded from any of the dancing lessons. This included salsa dancing for women as well as men.

During the entire day the ladies and gentlemen were entertained by a wide variety of entertainers. There were singers, dance bands, illusionists and more. The main show took place early in the afternoon and went until late at night. The dancers took their seats for what became a three-hour event. The entertainment consisted of well-known singers and dancers from both countries as well known entertainers from the Caribbean.

The atmosphere during the event was extremely relaxed, considering that it was held in a tropical setting. There were no worries about being overly warm or cold, nor did the evening wind down with much of anything except good talked and wonderful smiles. The ladies seemed extremely pleased with their experience, especially considering that it was an all inclusive event. Those looking for a great time and some dancing will definitely want to look into the many dance workshops that are offered in Miami and San Miguel de Allende. These dance workshops can be found throughout the city of Miami and San Miguel de Allende.

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