The Last Dance Netflix Review

The Last Dance is one of Netflix’s hottest new shows. It follows two high school classmates, Eric and David; they are in a relationship but are now apart due to a recent tragedy. The tragic event has caused them both great pain and has them looking for some sort of closure. This show has received raves from critics and audience members alike. If you have never watched this show or are just thinking about it, we are here to give you some quick plot highlights and a little history about the show.

the last dance netflix

The Last Dance follows the story of two high school friends who get back together after a recent tragedy. David has just learned that his best friend committed suicide after a fight with his girlfriend. Eric is still in love with his high school sweetheart but is still heartbroken because of what he had to go through. They both plan a last dance party to say goodbye to each other before they part ways forever.

One of the main characters in the show is Brodie Pierce, who plays David. He is the funny one of the two friends, but also has a dark side that some people may not see on the first episode. Brodie also plays the role of DJ, the one who will play music at the last dance party.

Eric Bana plays the role of DJ, the one who will be playing music at the party. This is the character that everyone wants to see there on the dance floor with all of their friends. He is the local nightclub bouncer who is quite the bachelor. On the first episode he is seen drinking and dancing away with his friends. After the party he is seen talking to a girl in a bar, showing some of his charm.

The Last Dance is a very romantic show. There is no mistaking that it is about a relationship that is ending. While many people may think that the show is just about the two people getting back together, the writers have created a show that will touch the hearts of many with their message. While the first season ended on a high note, the second season has proven that the show is more about moving on with your love of the person you love and finding out new things about them.

Many of the episodes that have been released have featured some of the best songs that have been featured on the hit television series. This is another great reason why The Last Dance is worth watching. People who love the show will enjoy this. It’s a very emotional show and there are times when the actors can really talk about something that is very personal to them. It’s the perfect way to end the new year.

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