The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

Before we jump into the specifics of this album, let’s first define the term “Dirty Thieving” for those who don’t know it by this point. Digital Underground: A compilation of underground rapper’s recordings that have been compiled into one CD to act as a guide for newcomers to the underground. Many underground rappers have gone their separate ways and some never return to the underground. For them, making their own digital album with instrumentalists can act as their way of letting people know they still exist.

digital underground the humpty dance

Digital Underground: The Humble Dance (EP) by DubTurbo, who is an up-and-coming south Florida native and professional DJ/ Producer. This is the first release from his career and also the first project produced in the studio by him since leaving jail after serving five years in prison for felony drug charges. The Humble Dance will be available for purchase on iTunes later this spring. The title of the record was chosen to represent the state of Florida, and is featured on the front of the CD. There are eight tracks and a good bit of production that dubTurbo provides on this record. The production on the digital underground is top notch as you would expect from a respected name in underground hip hop.

This is the second album by DubTurbo, who has released three previous albums that reached platinum status. This project is definitely a classic, a true hip-hop classic. In fact, many radio stations across the United States have already picked it as an instant hit, which is not surprising considering the quality of the material it contains. The whole concept of this album is about the narrator (the one making the digital underground album) going back in time to revisit the golden age of hip-hop, which is dying out rapidly at the present time.

The artwork for this record was done by Sterling Gates, who is a Bay Area based illustrator. The cover, which is a picture of a dismembered baby lying on a black metal grate, recalls the old skeletal remains that were scattered across the streets of Los Angeles in the 1980’s. Digital Underground The Humpty Dance manages to capture the energy and the appeal of that era. The artwork itself is very vibrant, and the cover has all the trademarks of a great hip-hop record cover. The graphic design and colors really tie together the whole image of the album.

The music on the album is pure underground legend. DubTurbo’s smooth voice sounds terrific on the record, as he sings about the different people from different parts of the country that he’s traveled. The lyrics are incredibly bright and sunny, and there’s no doubt that they will attract an audience that appreciates the bright and positive feelings that go with them. In fact, the first single off the album is entitled “Whitey O’Neil,” and the whole song takes reference to the white power skin-tight outfit that was popular at the time.

The music on this record is excellent. The production is top notch, and the sound quality is unlike anything you’ll hear on an underground Hip Hop record. If you’re looking for a new artist to do some promoting for you, The Humpty Dance is a great way to get started. It also comes with a free digital Download, which gives a listener the opportunity to check out the album and decide if they want to purchase it or not. The digital underground is certainly growing, and if it keeps up this momentum, we could soon be seeing a lot more exciting music coming out of the digital underground.

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