The Famous Humpty Dance Singer

humpty dance singer

The Famous Humpty Dance Singer

The Humpty Dance is a musical version of the nursery rhyme “I’ll scratch your back and the dog’ll bark” by nursery rhyme master William Shakeley. It is interesting that this famous children’s song was actually written about an animal. In this case it is the Australian Aborigine wombak. Aborigines were very unique in their daily lives. They would travel long distances to collect natural elements that they needed for food, shelter, clothing, and medicines.

There is a lot of history that has been associated with the Humpty Dance. Before modern society even existed, the humpty dumpty traveled from one country to another seeking food and shelter. This animal traveled in packs like a pack of wolves or bears. It would branch off to find animals to steal from, or it would seek out people to kill so it could survive.

When the song “Hummie Dance” was recorded, the actual words said, “I’ll scratch your back and the dog will bark” (not “I’ll scratch your back and make the dog bark”). The actual word spoken in the song is “kangaroo mother”. Nowadays, the term “kangaroo mother” is used to describe any kind of a creature that carries a young in its belly. In this case the term applies to a wombat-like creature that can be found in the Northern Australia Desert.

The Australian Aborigines played an important role in maintaining the world’s largest concentration of crocodiles. The humpty would drag its body along in the water to make it easier for the cock to climb into the water. Musically, the song can be played on the GHA 99-2 guitar, but it is commonly played on an electric guitar due to its portability. The song was recorded by the English rock band the White Noise and has gone on to become one of their biggest hits.

The Australian Humpty Dance singer has become a popular cartoon character in Australia, where he is known as the” Dumptruck” or “Dumptruckzilla.” A number of websites have been created to commemorate the life of the humpty, with several songs listed below:

The humpty dance is so popular with children that he is featured on a number of coloring pages. Humpty Dance is even referenced in the very popular book and television show, “Lego.” A bumpy make believe characterette is seen on a few episodes of the American cartoon, “Sponge Bob Square Pants”. And yes, he is a beloved pet and featured on numerous Baby Einstein videos.

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