The Casket Dance – A Look at the Tradition and Cremation Dance of the Ghanaians

If you’ve ever been to Ghana, then you know just how fun and exciting a ceremonial procession can be. One thing that is different about Ghanaian rituals is that they include a special dress code for the men. It’s called a “kufi”, (a loose-fitting gown). Most men choose to don a kufi as part of their funeral ceremony. However, many women choose to wear their most beautiful dress as well! Read on to learn more about the history of the coffin dance.

In recent years, the tradition of the coffin dance has become more popular. The reason is that it allows for a closer connection between the mourning and the celebration of life. This is because the coffin dance is part of the funeral ritual. During the funeral procession, the coffin is accompanied by a female mournful, who holds a candle in her hand. As the procession progresses, the women pass the candles to the next male in line, who dances a mournful dance around the coffin before putting it on a pyre which is later burned.

The image of the coffin dance became viral. It was featured in a number of African and international news outlets. Soon, it had found its way online, where it spread even more quickly. The reason why this became so popular is because the makeup of the mournful is very similar to that of the original parade. This Meme became viral because it was originally posted by someone who attended the funeral in Ghana.

When the image of the coffin dance started making the rounds, it caused quite a stir among social media users. A lot of individuals reported seeing it on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Many people commented on the original photograph and stated that it looked visually impressive, if not completely plagiarized. This caused the image to go into the top spot on the Google Trends homepage and stayed there for the duration of the month of July.

Since the image had been around for so long by the time the Olympics arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, it became the new style for the games. Although some could question the validity of a dancing pallbearers having a role in any sort of funeral procession, it did gain support from some online communities. Some groups even went as far as to rename the game the “C coffin dance.” The image was used as the background for many athletes’ photographs as well. Many of the athletes have also publicly endorsed the dance, saying it was one of the best things that happened to them during the Olympics.

Since the viral image took off, there is currently a running theme that involves the pallbearers. Many of the standard games that are played during the funeral procession can be used to further tie in the dancing pallbearers with the larger events. These games include “Touille,” which involves a group of people dressed in various guises parading through the crowd. The traditional game of bowls can be adapted to fit a different type of group, and can even incorporate a more humorous theme.

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