Pretty Girl: The Dance Academy

dance academy

Pretty Girl: The Dance Academy

“Dance Academy” is an intense drama series based on a small town teen girl named Tara Webster who pursues her dream of enrolling in the prestigious National Academy of Dance in New York City. Tara and her friends spend their summer vacations together as roommates in the luxurious and exclusive apartment building located in the Upper East Side. However, when a tragic event causes Tara’s best friend, Lane, to slip away from the safety of their home, it brings the group close together yet even closer together as they form an unlikely support system for each other. While the young girls enjoy the perks of their new living situation, they quickly find themselves torn between their desire to belong and their desire to pursue their own dreams. As their bond strengthens, each girl begins to experience feelings of jealousy toward the others while trying to convince herself to forget the painful past and move forward with her own dreams.

After the tragic events in September 2021 wherein the unthinkable happened to Lane, the entire dance academy finds itself under scrutiny when an expelled student killed himself in an elevator accident. The tragic event has caused distrust and harsh criticism towards the entire institution which is run by Lucille Lattuca, a rich and ambitious executive who was hired by the director, Jackie Earle Haley. Lucille is determined to maintain the respect of everyone in her office and to make sure that all of the promising dancers on the dance roster are moving up to national level competitions.

When Tara regains possession of the dance academy, Lucille installs an authoritarian regime in which only highly gifted students are allowed to join. This includes Tara, who was kicked out of the previous academy due to her faulty performance during the final competition of the year before. The regime severely limits the number of students that can join and attempts to weed out the poor performers. In an effort to show her dedication to the dance academy, she forces her former best friend, Alexi, to join. However, things take a turn for the worse when Alexi starts acting suspicious and rebellious towards Lucille. When Lucille realizes her good friend is turning into something more sinister, she orders her to find out Alexi’s whereabouts and return him to the dance academy.

With the help of her ex-boyfriend, Alexander, Lucille tries to expel Alexi but the regime fails. While at a party, Lucille witnesses the murder of an unknown dancer by three men, who then leave her with a note addressed to her from Alexander. With this information, she races back to the dance academy only to find her old classmate, Lane, had mysteriously disappeared.

After an intense night of searching, Lucille finds herself at the dance academy where she finally encounters the girl she had been chasing all year. The two share a passionate kiss, which transports them both into another dimension. The next morning, Lucille and Alexi make their way to the dance academy where they witness the tragic death of another aspiring dancer, Lauren. The two then witness the death of their instructor just as Lauren is being killed in the studio by a knife-wielding assailant. The next day, Lucille returns to the dance academy only to find that Lane has mysteriously vanished without any word from him.

The fate of the Dance Academy then becomes in danger after the mysterious masked figure who committed the crimes takes a vacation to Australia. The Australian authorities soon discover the identity of the attacker and foils the plans of the evil intruder who has been manipulating the people in order to obtain power. However, the evil operator gains the upper hand and uses his newfound powers to wipe out the remaining people in the dance academy, except for Lucille and Alexi. Fleeing to Australia, Lucille is now the only remaining living dancer. On arrival, the police are able to stop the evil intruder while Alexi attempts to save Lucille from harm but to no avail. The pair is then forced to work together against the evil magician who also threatens to kill Alexi.

After a series of ups and downs, Lucille and Alexi finally reach the finish line. However, things do not go as planned when the seemingly deadlock is broken by a mysterious caller who teleports both back to the dance academy. With the help of the other former dancers, Lucille and Alexi learn that they have to call back the other before time runs out in order to prevent the seemingly inevitable death of the original dancer, Lauren.

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