Planning For International Dance Day 2021

International Dance Day is celebrated every year in April. This occasion, in this contemporary situation of global pandemic, revolves around the passion of dancing. The word ‘dancing’ brings joy to the life of those who love it. For non-dancers, it is an inspirational mantra for their artistic energy and for non-judgmental people, it is a source of support. However, there are people in this contemporary society that look down upon dancing as something very derogatory. It is a source of derision since those who look upon it negatively hold the thought that it is only a form of flaunting one’s sexuality that goes against the values of our culture.

international dance day 2021

For such people, celebrating International Dance Day with their respective dance forms would be an insult to them. They feel that dancing is a great form of celebration and it unites people from various walks of life and traditions, cultures. So, International Dance Day should not be seen as an attempt by some elements within our society to dominate other elements and culture out of our lives. Rather, celebrating it should be seen as an opportunity for us to come together in a common cause.

The first thing that one must understand is that every year, when the Chinese New Year approaches, there is great excitement among the Chinese population to see the Chinese Belly Dance. There are immense fondness and affection shown towards this dance form because this is considered a very auspicious event. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, once the new year begins, all evil spirits, including demons begin to roam the earth. When you perform the Belly Dance in front of a lot of people during the celebrations, it is believed that it will put an end to the power of these evil elements and it will lead to a time when they are no longer in existence.

So, if you have the ability to make great costumes, you can take part in the international dance day and help to bring about positive change within our culture and society. However, for those who would like to join in and help to create an impact on this very special day, they should understand that it is not a simple event that can be joined overnight. It is not merely a case of getting up in the morning and dancing a few bars and then walking off. There are much planning and preparation that has to go into this and it requires a whole lot of thought and attention.

Planning for the International Dance Day celebration should start well in advance and if you are unable to do this, you should plan things accordingly so that you can come up with a good idea and strategy. One of the things that you should remember is that the music should be something that you love and that is ideal for the event. Since this will be the first international dance day in over twenty years, it is only right that the organizers have chosen an ideal theme and music to celebrate this important occasion.

Some of the choices that you will find include traditional folk or pop songs that have a certain feel to them, but there are also more modern selections available. You could opt for a number of contemporary pieces that will really set the tone and ensure that the entire event has a strong sense of originality and vibrancy to it. It is important to note that this is not the end of the song; the next part is when the main lead and backup dancers take to the stage. It is not difficult to work out a dance routine for this and once you are settled into the choreography, you can start putting together your own dance routine for the duration of the main performance. Planning for this dance first means that you will be able to attend to other important issues such as hiring the correct venue, preparing for the performance and purchasing the required accessories, if required.

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