New York City and the Dance World

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New York City and the Dance World

The Dance World is a new online magazine that aims to take you on an exploration of the world of dance, both classical and modern dance. The site includes articles from choreographers, performance artists and even some interviews with established dance stars. You can read up about choreographers who have recently performed at major events such as the New York City Ballet’s Season Premiere, the Cleveland Orchestra’s “Grateful History” exhibition, the West End London Long Theatre Festival, the Montreal Sights Festival, and many others. The magazine also covers contemporary dance, such as choreography by Lucinda Pittman, and takes a critical look at the history of dance through the ages.

Dance Magazine s web site today has article categories covering Breaking Stereotypes, Gender & Class, Activism & Social Change, Children’s Theatre, Family Tributes, Music and More. NYCB Ballerina Wendy Whelen discusses candidly in the new documentary Restless Creature the hardships that dancers face on a daily basis in the dance world. She relates her personal experiences with injuries sustained while playing a pivotal role in family life. She also spoke about the difficulties being a mother and a professional dancer, as well as the physical demands of her routines. She bravely took on a double life as a professional ballerina and mother, as she faced the early challenges of being a ballet dancer, and later the psychological strains of juggling a career and a family.

In the second installment of the series, titled “The Other Side,” Whelen profiles an alternative Americana dancer from Texas who travels across the country, auditioning for choreographers who have never seen her dance before. In this journey, she transforms herself not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. The ten-day ride around the country gives her the opportunity to meet other people like her, and to experience new communities where dancing is a way of life. She dances away her inhibitions, letting her free and natural self-belief. She makes new friends and discovers that her dancing ability can bring people together.

The dance world of New York and the dance community in general continue to evolve with new styles coming to the forefront, like pop, urban, fusion, contemporary, and the avant-garde. A new breed of dance choreographers are emerging with their own creative vision and style. While many dance students attend classes to learn the basic steps of ballet, others are choosing to break with the routines, finding freedom within their artistic nature by exploring new dance worlds.

The art of dance world continues to evolve and expand, with no limits or rules. In this modern era, dance can mean so many different things to so many different people. For some it may mean body modification, extreme hyper-bolic movements, and outrageous costumes. For others it might mean integration of dance movements with choreography, performance art, or a mixture of the two. Whatever the intent behind the dancer, dancing offers a powerful medium for expression, with social distancing no longer a criteria.

In the last few decades, New York City has become home to some of the most notorious dancers in the world. Some of the names that have become household terms are Martha Graham, Jelly Roll Morton, and many others. But it isn’t just about the names. New York City and the dance world have changed altogether, becoming a melting pot of styles and ideas that push the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

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