International Dance Day – Celebrates This Year’s Special Event With Enthusiasts From All Over the World

international dance day

International Dance Day – Celebrates This Year’s Special Event With Enthusiasts From All Over the World

International Dance Day is an international celebration of contemporary dance, formed by the Dance Programme of UNESCO, the co-curator for the cultural programme of the Universal City. The festival takes place each year on 29 April, the anniversary of Noverre’s creation of modern ballet. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest contemporary ballet events. The day includes choreography, dance performances, interviews and discussions, and other activities. The programme also includes information about the history of ballet in France, and about ballet world leaders, choreographers and performers.

The International Dance Day was first organised in Paris in 1988, when the Festival ‘La Ballet du Soleil’ (The Great Exhibition of Dance) took place in the famous theatre area of La Marsa. Noverre was the chief artistic influence behind the creation of the festival. He also created the first musical score and choreographed the first ever performance by a ballets’ company. The spectacular success of the event led to worldwide interest in ballet, and a parallel surge in interest in dance schools and practices. International Dance Day has been celebrated with great success ever since, with Noverro staging their own version of the event each year. Other companies and organisations have also taken up the choreography and dance disciplines, and an additional element of international interest has also been added to the day.

The objectives of the International Dance Day are many, but essentially, it aims to celebrate the art form and encourage audiences around the world to take part. For this reason, many variations of the day have been developed, with different stages, celebrations, competitions, etc. Being aware of some of these variations can be a useful guide to making your preparations for this truly unique and historic event. There is always an element of fun and excitement associated with the idea of celebrating something like this, as we have seen with the popularity of parades. Knowing what you can expect from the day and what you can prepare for, will help ensure that you can take part in all of its elements.

The actual date of International Dance Day varies from year to year, but every year, on the day which falls between the two main American Presidents’ birthdays, it is celebrating in the same way as Noverro does it. As previously mentioned, different elements are included in the ceremonies surrounding the event, and different countries celebrate their own unique traditions as well. What do they all have in common? Well, aside from the fact that it is the second largest ballet event in the world, and is celebrated during the week of April fifth, it also includes an international dance day theme, with contests for best costumes and performances throughout the world and an international dance day parade.

Many people don’t actually know where the term ‘international dance day’ came from, though it definitely refers to the special day which takes place around the world every year. However, there is no real historical consensus as to when the event originated, with some people proposing that it was created as a reaction to the fact that many people were becoming too ‘stand offish’ at certain periods during the year. They were either too engrossed in their personal lives and didn’t want to seem ‘immature’, or they simply could not focus on other things during the busy season. Whatever the reasoning is, if you feel that you would be well suited to the occasion and that you enjoy dancing, then you should make sure that you get involved.

When it comes to taking part in the various aspects of this year’s celebration, there are two main options that exist. The first option is to just turn up at the event and take part, and the second is to get your own international dance day experience. If you choose the second option, then you may wish to consult a dance teacher who can help you arrange a suitable class in your own area, depending on whether you live in a busy city or a quiet rural location. You may even find that the teacher will be able to suggest a location for your dance classes, so that you do not need to travel far from home.

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