How to Dance the Isolde

“How could I have this dance?” That is what you ask yourself after hearing “Happy Birthday to You” by Avicenna. Now, the question that arises is, “Where do I start?” The first thing you should do is to read the song and then to figure out where you want to put your foot.

In the first measure the dancer crosses his legs under his body with his left leg in front of the right leg. He turns to the right and puts his right foot in front of his left foot. Then he crosses his arms over his chest. In the second measure he turns back to the left and crosses his arms again over his chest. This means that he is saying to the listeners, “I could have this dance”.

The three steps are known as the Isolde dance. In order to master it, you will have to take time to memorize the steps. You could start by taking a few friends and having them do the steps with you. You can then practice it alone. By doing this alone you will be able to make sure that you can say the words correctly.

The next step that you should know how to do is the Isolde jump. This means that when the singer says, “I could have this love” you should jump up two steps (the first one being one step forward and the other two being two steps forward). Then you say, “I could have this love” again while jumping up two steps (the first one being three steps forward and the other two being four steps forward). You then say the last word and fall in line with the beat.

The final step, which is called the Rondo could also be very difficult for you. First you have to say the Rondo three times in a row. When you say the Rondo you have to count it in beats of eight. After counting it you have to step back two steps (the first being two steps and the second being three steps). By stepping back two steps you will be saying the Rondo three times and counting it as three beats.

These three steps are what you should know about when you want to learn how to dance the Isolde. If you could memorize them then you should be fine. The only thing that you would need is to be able to say them correctly. There is no use getting frustrated if you cannot say the Isolde steps correctly.

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