How the Chris Hayes Vaccine Dance Lesson Helps Parents

chris hayes vaccine dance

How the Chris Hayes Vaccine Dance Lesson Helps Parents

The Chris Hayes vaccine dance is the best thing since sliced bread. Who doesn’t know this? I do, I know who does not and they are all happily dancing in their corners having a good time. This viral video did a lot to raise awareness about HPV and put parents in the shoes of concerned teachers, moms and dads.

So what is it that parents need to do to get informed about the disease? The first step is to take an active role and let our children know that dancing is a safe activity and there is nothing to worry about. The second step is to keep a realistic perspective and realize that the risk is real and can be minimized. And the third step is to use all the information we can gather to make the right decision for our family.

There are several good sources for resources that will inform parents about the dangers of HPV and dancing. One such great resource is an anti-virus website run by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This site outlines how the HPV virus can be transmitted through various forms of dancing.

As a parent, it is important to remember that the immune system does not play a big part in the process of acquiring HPV. In fact, even very few people who are actively involved in dancing develop any form of illness related to dancing. In fact, many health professionals now support the idea that physical activity may actually reduce the risks of acquiring the virus. So the best thing to do as a parent is to encourage our children to dance as much as possible. However, parents must remember that there is always some form of parental guidance involved and that it is up to them to set reasonable expectations for their child’s participation in this activity.

One great way to encourage dancing is by making sure that our children have access to enough Vitamin D to help boost their immune system. This vitamin is found in fish and many kinds of dairy products but children that grow up in areas where large amounts of dairy are not readily available may not get enough Vitamin D during their young lives. One great source of Vitamin D is found in the form of powder supplements which can be conveniently added to a child’s daily routine. Just remember to give this a careful thought before allowing your child to start dancing so as to avoid an unbalanced diet.

It is also important that parents make the effort to talk to their children about these vaccines and the importance of getting them as they grow up. If you happen to know a particular dance teacher or a friend of a friend who has had the Chris Hayes vaccine, talk to them about the program. Do not be afraid to ask them if they would allow their child to begin dancing to prevent the disease. You should not feel compelled to force anything on your kids no matter how they might respond. If you take some time to consider all options available to you, it will make your life a lot easier in the future.

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