Digital Underground Shock Greeting Card Massacre

digital underground shock g humpty dance

Digital Underground Shock Greeting Card Massacre

The Digital Underground Shock G Humpty Dance video is a bizarre, silly and enjoyable video, in which a man dressed as a woman dances to the beat of a heavy metal song. The video starts with the man dressed up as a woman walking in the park, surrounded by several people. Suddenly, a car drives up, approaches the woman and starts speeding away. As she screams, the people surrounding her start yelling and pointing at the woman as if she is crazy. When the car finally stops, the people around her cheer and throw her a party hat, which she promptly puts on.

As the girl walks towards the car, the driver suddenly slams on the brakes and reverses the vehicle. One of the people in the car, armed with a metal riffle, tries to open the door of the car. Another tries to pull out a gun, but when he hits the button that starts the alarm, the others rush to help. A confused and scared lady runs to the side of the road, crying as she pleads for help.

As one of the members of the digital underground plays the video, a shot of a girl’s head is shown behind her. As the music begins, the girl starts to scream and run away from the group. It is at this point that one of the guys dressed as the woman gets out of the car, holds a knife to her neck, and proceeds to slowly strangle her to death. A police officer then shows up and apprehends the group. Everyone involved looks at each other, shocked.

Not long after the video was uploaded onto YouTube, it began to gain popularity. People were getting curious and they wanted to know who this mysterious stranger was. So one day, when they went to Google, they found this mystery man. He was indeed a member of a website called Digital Underground, which is where this viral video came from. Within a matter of seconds, thousands of people had seen this video.

So what happened in the video? There aren’t any clear answers to those questions. However, there are some clues that can be brought into play. First off, the person who was playing the video seemed rather nervous and hissing, probably as he was stabbing the woman in the video. Also, in the background, you can hear the words “Help, help” being shouted a few times. There isn’t much more information available there.

As for who created the video? Nobody really knows. However, a short time later, the same video appeared on several other internet sites under different names. One of them was called Digital Underground Shock Greeting Card Massacre. There is even a forum where people discuss the clip.

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