Digital Underground Shock G Humpty Dance Game Review

digital underground shock g humpty dance

Digital Underground Shock G Humpty Dance Game Review

Digital Underground Shock G Humpty Dance is a unique game for people who are into hardcore music. This is one of the many games for the Nintendo Wii available in 2021 that features a dancing theme. For those who have never heard of this game, it is a platform game in which you play the role of an artist, and you must use the mix of your voice and the music to express yourself on screen.

If you are familiar with the Guitar Hero series, then you will know where the concept originated. This is actually an enhanced version of the Guitar Hero game and allows you to play various instruments, including the piano. For instance, you can choose to play a solo guitar solo, or even load a song from the Guitar Hero library. The songs can either be played in the normal rhythm or as recorded beats. You can also use the provided synthesizer effects to create your own sound. As you can see, there is quite a bit you can do with the provided musical instruments, and what is more, you are able to mix and match audio tracks, and even edit the tracks to express yourself as a musician.

When you start the game, you will start off by selecting from a variety of musical themes that include rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, pop and techno. These are accompanied by dance moves that will highlight them as being the best in their respective categories. For example, when you play a lead guitar song, you will perform the entire rhythm in the customary rock way. On the other hand, when you play a rap song, you will perform the music in the typical hip hop way. The music is performed in both of these tracks at the same time, allowing you to truly explore how these music styles are able to blend with each other.

There are also various types of challenges that you can encounter while you play. These challenges range from a puzzle to a guessing game and often involve musical elements. As an example, in one challenge, you will be asked to play nine notes that are all in the same key, while also rearranging the notes so that they form a chord. The harder levels of the game will give you more advanced puzzles to solve, such as arranging all of the notes in a bar into a chord. As well, there are other timed challenges that will ask you to play under time constraints in order to get a higher score.

The music is provided through samples, which can be played whenever you want. This makes it easy for you to explore new sounds as you play the game. In addition to this, you have the option of customizing your virtual instrument to create your own sound effects. You can also download your own MP3 songs to use in the game to give it extra authenticity.

A great way to see how the game functions is to read some of the game’s instructions, which will guide you through the controls. On every difficulty level, there will be an unlock screen containing three goals. Some of these are to clear the first level of the game, to complete five songs in a row, or to score the highest amount of points possible. As well as this, the game has a leader board where you can see the difference between yourself and your competitor.

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