Dance Mat Typing For Kids – Four Levels Of Learning

Dance Mat Typing is an online game which teaches children to type using their finger-touch on a dance mat keyboard. Students progress through twelve stages over four levels (3 stages per level) which gradually build up the number of letters which they are expected to learn. At every stage they will be given a score and a hint as to how they are progressing. A maximum of 12 levels is achievable with this game.

dance mat typing

The key layout is quite simple although it is not dissimilar to a normal QWERTY keyboard where you need to type in alphabets. The way the keys are arranged on a dance mat typing keyboard is different to those used on a standard keyboard and this is what makes it different from regular keyboards. As the child progresses through the levels they will be given a choice of which keys to type in and how many to use. They are also given a list of letter combinations which they need to use in order to type in those keys which are currently available.

This type of skill is very helpful for young children learning how to type as this is the first thing which they will learn in a similar way to how a baby learns to write. It is also good for parents who are worried about their children developing a typing speed that is too fast as the speed at which they learn to type is fairly high. In addition, Dance Mat Typing is great fun for kids and really helps develop the memory and hand eye coordination skills which all kids need to develop.

The basic steps of Dance Mat Typing involve using two fingers to type in letters which are on the touch typing keyboard and then pressing the space bar to erase the characters you have just typed. A tap on the mat will stop the typing and the next character will be revealed. You are only allowed to show your baby how to type in letters and not how to read them so it is recommended that you teach your child to learn both skills at the same time. However, as a word of caution, it is advisable to start learning how to type only in capital letters and to stop once your child has mastered this simple skill. This is because the majority of sites where you can learn dance mat typing allow only capital letters and do not provide any help with lower case or mixed case letters.

Dancing is an activity that can be learned by all age and there are no limits to how many times you can teach it to your children. Once they learn to type properly, it is recommended that you start them off with the beginner’s stage of dance mat typing where they should be shown how to type without looking at the keyboard. In this stage they should be taught to type slowly and clearly so that they do not make any mistakes while typing. It is important that your kids know what to do at all times while learning this skill so that they do not get confused.

The last stage in dance mat typing involves the intermediate level which is where your kids can start learning how to type more accurately. They can be taught how to type using both lowercase and uppercase letters which is an advanced skill that is not usually taught in the beginner’s course. Your kids will be able to learn how to type using both uppercase and lowercase letters and depending on their level, they may also be taught how to type using mixed case letters. As they progress in their typing skills, they can go to the next level which is the expert level where they can be taught how to type using all kinds of capital letters such as small, medium, large and extra large letters.

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