A Moment in Time With the Dance Monkey Band

dance monkey

A Moment in Time With the Dance Monkey Band

The hip-hop dance-funk Dance Monkey is the newest addition to the ever-expanding repertoire of dance entertainment in Australia. And has quickly captured the zeitgeist by having a video that sizzles out more than the usual hip-hop flu and a rap tune that being hot, so get ready for some serious dancing. In fact, it is the king of all the jungle down under on the ARIA Singles Chart, for the first time since the late nineties, and the long-running reign as the most popular male solo Australian performer has increased by another notch. It’s not just the chart position either – Dance Monkey’s recent singles have also been numbering all the bestsellers in the Independent Music Monthly all-star list, including Iruvar and No Way Out. Not bad for an outfit that started life as a small club in Melbourne.

If you’re anything like me, you’re already digging up Dance Monkey gear from the nearest dance shop so you can hit the town and party all week while listening to their song, ‘Drink Me Now’. If you’re not sure what the song means (it’s pretty obvious), it goes without saying that it’s about someone having an affair, so there’s plenty for you to get yourself into if you’re feeling a bit guilty! The band’s official Instagram account has also put up some fun photos of the band performing at festivals around the world, including a shot of them at Reading Festival in the United Kingdom. So you’ve got your pre-wedding jitters out, but how do you top it up with some of your own dance moves?

This one night tops the Dance Monkey list for most likely reason: It’s the only song from their entire discography. When I first heard it I was instantly drawn to it because of its infectious beats. As it’s one of the more melodic tracks on the album, you’ll feel it throughout the entire song. The main highlight of the song is a great lowdown of Sydney by the way, performed by the adorable little guy in the pink shirt, followed by one of my favourite dance moves, the hip-slide across the floor. At the end of it all, the band perform a quick encore of ‘zed’ and ‘zwoosh’.

Another fantastic viral hit from the Dance Monkey crew is another collaboration with the ever popular video sharing website YouTube. ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ was released in late 2021 and has since become one of the most viral hits Australia has seen. The band were asked to record a video for a charity called “We Can’t Stop Our Hearts” in honour of their hometown, which raised millions of dollars for cancer research and prevention.

This is where I think Dance Monkey really hit the spot, with both their hit single and video going viral. After watching the videos I almost wanted to join them on their Australia tour, but sadly I am unable to because of visa issues. The band will be hitting the United States shortly however and I’m sure once they do they will be topping the charts. In the mean time, Australia has got to try and best this already popular song and dance move by Dance Monkey.

So, how many times have you seen these guys busking at Live Animal or Festival shows, doing what they do best – dancing their hearts out to their own versions of songs off the newest album. Well until now I have been waiting to see this video, aptly named “Dancing with the Stars”. It is a terrible movie but at least it gave me an idea of what the song sounds like. Now, if only there was a place I could find these videos online for all to see. Well, there is just such a place and I have found it.

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