A Beginner’s Guide on TIK tok Dance

tik tok dance

A Beginner’s Guide on TIK tok Dance

The TIK to break dance from the Philippines is a high impact, fast-paced and energetic break dance that originated in the Philippines and is now enjoyed by many people all over the world. If you are new to break dancing, learning the basics can be a little bit stressful and difficult. You can get this dance from a class or you can learn this dance at your own pace. It is quite simple for you to learn it as there are specific steps that need to be followed closely. The most important thing about this dance is that it will give you a full body workout. When you perform the TIK tok break dance, you will get to experience what it feels like to be in the middle of a fierce battle.

The TIK to break dance is performed by stretching your body in various ways. The first few steps include the standing arm extension and the standing leg extension. These two steps are accompanied by a step called the sampian. In order to perform the sampian, you have to keep your body straight. The next few steps include the stepping into the abdominal twist, and then moving up to the lunge and then the roll on one foot.

There are different styles of TIK to break dance. The simplest form of this dance is known as the party dance. It is performed by spreading your legs and squatting. The panty dance is considered easy for beginners. On the other hand, the more complex TIK tok dance requires the dancer to stretch his/her entire body and hold a rod in the air. This is considered to be a very tough challenge for those who are trained dancers.

For those who have the ability and desire to perform this dance, you have to undergo training from a reliable teacher first. The instructor will show you the proper way of doing the TIK to break dance. Once you have undergone the proper training, you can practice on your own. Of course, before you go on practicing on your own, it would be better if you also consult an expert on how you can do the TIK tok dance more effectively.

You can learn how to do the TIK tok dance by reading the instructional materials that are found in the DVDs and the accompanying Ballet DVDs. You can also purchase these instructional materials in the market. There are a lot of videos available online for you to view. Once you have watched the video, you will be able to understand the techniques and proper positions faster. Practicing it on your own will not only allow you to perfect the movements and positions but also the rhythm and tempo.

In performing the TIK tok dance, it is important that you keep your balance and your poise. As you sway or hop onto the rod with your feet, make sure that your weight is evenly distributed to your thighs, hips, and feet. Allow yourself enough time to get used to the movements before going on with the full speed of the TIK tok dance. The entire body needs to be focused in order to avoid falling off the balance pole.

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